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Welcome to the 'Andy's Search Engine' page.

1) Where it says 'Search web for ...' just add what it is you would like to search for.

2) Then click on the 'Andy's Search' button.

3) You are able to select from up to Ten Search Engines, from AltaVista to Yahoo!!!



Andy's Search NOW has TWENTY SEVEN THEMED Backgrounds for you to choose from. To select one you like please just click on the one you like below, please Contact with Image suggestions Thank You.

The Backgrounds you can select from have an * next to there name.


Goole «Blue» Yahoo!


Michelle Keegan  «Green» Follow Michelle Keegan on Twitter  Michelle Keegan Instagram «Green»  Wikipedia Encyclopedia


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«Gemma Atkinson to search type in the search box and click 'Andys Search' or visit Gemma Atkionsons website above»


  Search Engine - Hannah Patterson  Search Engine - Winter Olympics 2018  Search Engine - Dancing on Ice 2018

Michelle Keegan*  «Blue» Hannah Patterson* «Blue» Winter Olympic Games 2018* «Blue» Dancing on ice 2018*

Animated Separator

Search Engine - Catherine Tyldesley  Search Engine - Chantelle Houghton  Search Engine - Nadia

Catherine Tyldesley* «Green» Chantelle Houghton* «Blue» Nadia Ford*

Animated Separator

Melissa George   Search Engine - Keeley Hazell  Search Engine - Billie  Search Engine - Britney Spears

Melissa George* «Red» Keeley Hazell* «Blue»  Billie Piper* «Green» Britney Spears*

Animated Separator

Search Engine - Jennifer Ellison  Search Engine - Samia Ghadie Search Engine - Hayden Panettiere  Search Engine - Helen Flanagagan

Jennifer Ellison* «Red» Samia Ghadie* «Blue» Hayden Panettiere* «Green» Helen Flanagan*

Animated Separator

  Search Engine - Kelly Brook  Great Manchester Cycle   Search Eninge - Velodrome  Search Engine - Amy Willerton

Kelly Brook* «Blue» Great Manchester Cycle* «Red» Velodrome* «Green» Amy Willerton*

Animated Separator

Search Engine - Spring  Search Eninge - River  Search Engine - Beech  Search Engine - Sky

Spring* «Blue» River* «Green» Beech* «Red» Sky*

Animated Separator

Search Eninge - Earth  Search Eninge - Sola  Search Eninge - Grass  Search Eninge - Matrix 

Space «Green» Solar «Red» Grass «Blue» Matrix 


Animated Separator


Search Engine - Doctor Who  Search Engine - Kerry  Search Engine - Rita Ora


Doctor Who* «Green» Kerry Katona«Red» Rita Ora*



To vote for your Favorite Background please Contact Andy

 and select 'Search Engine' from the Subject list thank you.



Andy's Website Andys Search Make Hompage Make Andy's Official Search Engine Your Homepage!

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Andy's Top 10 Searches

Twitter  «Green»  British Cycling  «Red»  Winter Olympic Games 2018  «Green»  Ice Bikes «Red»  Trip Advisor

Freesat  «Green»  Silva  «Blue»  Jocky Sanderson  «Green»  Garmin UK  «Green»  Manchester's National Cycling Centre

Andy's popular Searches:

Michelle Keegan  «Green»  Alex Salmond  «Red»  Engagdget  «Green» Chad Dawson  «Green»  Beyonce  «Red»  Isle of Man TT




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